Why Mass Communication is the supreme choice for your future ?

Why Mass Communication is the supreme choice for your future ?

In today’s generation, a college education is given far more significance than back in the day, with students scouring for courses that provide the mo

In today’s generation, a college education is given far more significance than back in the day, with students scouring for courses that provide the most lucrative future. With this intention, high school graduates unknowingly shove themselves into a complicated search of elite institutions with the topmost courses. In doing so, they oft-times forget that “beauty lies in simplicity” and overlook straightforward courses such as Bachelor of Mass Communication (BMC). 


In actuality, Mass Communication is perhaps the most diverse course offering a plethora of career and postgraduate opportunities alongside paving the way for entry into the booming media and entertainment industry. Speaking of the latter, the Indian media industry is currently valued at ₹3.14 lakh crores and is estimated to scale to about ₹4.30 lakh crores at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.8% according to PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2022-2026. Notably, this sector is growing rapidly, thus creating a colossal influx of job opportunities to cater to the various students’ creative appetites while supplying them with greater prospects. 


Additionally, BMC is a multidisciplinary course integrating several fields such as marketing, strategic, political, health communications, public relations, journalism, advertising, and audio-visual aspects. Further, since this calls on the dissemination of information to a large audience, it utilizes sundry mediums such as radio, T.V, film, print, and the internet which further generates multiple avenues. Moreover, this course serves as an amalgamation of practical and theoretical knowledge with an abundance of on-the-job learning curves to provide a holistic learning environment, thereby nourishing an aspirant’s intellect and inquisitiveness. Following are a few of the reasons why a Mass Communication course will be fruitful in the long run:

  • Numerous Career Pathways

Owing to BMC being an extremely generic and fundamental course it opens the door to various aforementioned fields. Further, mass communication acquaints students with the qualities for professional development, such as communicating oral and written messages effectively, being well-versed with research and analyzing subjects in detail, assertive but cooperative attitude, leadership and critical thinking skills coupled with other prerequisites for functioning in such a potent, fast-paced environment.   

  • Prior qualifications are inessential

Being a rudimentary course, BMC is easily accessible to all high school graduates regardless of the streams chosen in 12th standard, be it science, commerce, or humanities. It provides a combination of common sense and application of mass communication theories to real-world phenomena which can be perceived by all irrespective of performance in school or grades ensuring a pathway for all to be successful. 

  • Field exposure

As stated previously, mass communication enables students to exercise their creative intellect by presenting before them diverse complexities in a professional work environment and the world at large. Further, the on-the-job experience that can be provided through various internships in the field allows students to better assimilate the requirements and skills for the positions in the field alongside an inside perspective on how the industry functions.

  • Experiences & Travel

Owing to the media industry functioning everywhere, mass communication students can explore a wide range of possibilities in audio-visual or journalistic capacities from different corners of the country and world. Often, the stories which arise in these fields narrate truths that are unheard of and can be crucial to changing the course of a particular societal notion, thus having a larger-than-life impact. 

  • Profitable Jobs

Despite being one of the oldest media industries in the world, the bright future of the industry warrants the creation of new jobs and positions constantly with extremely well-paying incomes. Furthermore, the industry is home to both business and creative facets; the former which encompasses spheres such as Public Relations and Advertising offers important roles in ad agencies and the corporate sector. Similarly, the latter which comprises Audio-Visual and Journalism provides for more independent job prospects, which act as investments with high returns (ROIs) to increase income in the future. 

  • Breather & Introduction

Due to the sheer simplicity of the course, it allows for students to undertake the same not by putting in ample time but rather by making smart efforts. To explain, it acts as a refresher for students who are still figuring out their career trajectory and gives them time to debate and introspect about their future. Moreover, since the course is only an introductory one, it provides a sampling of various professions in the media industry to enable students to decide on their liking for particular spheres of the field. Hence, they can take a calculated discussion about their future course of action. In essence, it acts as a blank canvas to paint your future. 

  • Influence & Connections

In a country where millions rely on the media to keep them informed, aware, and educated, any position in the media industry warrants immense power and the ability to influence the masses through the types of messages propagated. The mass communication theories such as the Agenda Setting Theory and the Uses & Gratification theory allow one as media personnel to gain access to multitudes of information and mold it for public interpretation. In doing so, one can also formulate connections with other people from the same sector or even other industries. 


Moving forward, after choosing the BMC course in your undergraduate, one must consider a list of colleges that offer the course. While choosing a college, keep in mind several factors such as location, ranking of the college in the country, placement opportunities through company tie-ins, and overall curriculum (subjects offered). If one prefers a more technical institution with an emphasis on practicals, then a college such as Bennett University headed by The Times of India group would be feasible. Conversely, if one prefers a college with more theoretical application and a broader spectrum of options to choose from, then a college such as Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication would be appropriate. Following is a list of the top 8 colleges offering the best Mass Communication courses in the country:

  1. Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication, Pune Admission Open for Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication
  2.  Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai Xavier Institute of Communications
  3. Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi Welcome to Jamia Millia Islamia – A Central University
  4. Kishinchand Chellaram College, Mumbai Home – KC College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Mumbai
  5. Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi Lady Shri Ram College – Excellence in women’s education
  6. Department of Communication, Hyderabad MA Communication – University of Hyderabad
  7. Christ University, Bengaluru Department of Media Studies at Christ University
  8. Institute of Mass Communication & Media Technology, Haryana Institute of Mass Communication and Media Technology – [IMCMT]


In the final analysis, after deciding on a BMC course for one’s undergraduate studies, the above-mentioned colleges should definitely be considered.