How is Corona affecting Summer Internships?

How is Corona affecting Summer Internships?

The world has come to a halt amid the coronavirus outbreak. Like many places around the world, India has imposed strict nationwide lockdown that resul

The world has come to a halt amid the coronavirus outbreak. Like many places around the world, India has imposed strict nationwide lockdown that resulted in all offices and institutions closing their physical bodies and moving to the work from the home approach.

Though not all work types can be done from home and thus it has also resulted in many companies cutting out their work staff, let alone be able to hire interns.

The lockdown has been implemented since the 25th of March, 2020, which was first supposed to be till 15th April but was later extended till the 3rd of May. Each year, internships begin at around this time of the year, from the 1st of April.

These are crucial times for the interns who are looking for permanent job positions as well as for those students who have to do compulsory internships from their colleges.

Studies say that internships have led to a lower unemployment rate and ensured higher wages for the aspirants. It creates an experiential difference between those who have done internships before trying for permanent job positions and those who have not. Not only that, but internships are also an earning source for young adults.

Till the lockdown is lifted and even a few days after it, there is no way that students are going to be able to do any in-office internships. Though, work from internships is always an option. Students raised concerns about the situations which made many important bodies act and act quickly in this regard.

Postponed summer internships, 2020:-

While many internships have just plainly been canceled for the year, some other, with request and consideration have decided to keep the interns and just postpone their interning dates.

The All India Council of Technical Education has directed all the technical institutes of the country to put their summer internship on hold until further notice.

Even the premier business Schools like IIMs have communicated instructions for their students as well as their recruiters to push the internships that have been already scheduled to further dates.

IIM Ahmedabad told that many recruiters are also considering pushing their summer internships back to autumn in these uncertain situations. Though none of the recruiters have cancelled their internships, many of them have cut the days of work shorter than the usual duration.

Most internships are also where aspirants gain their basic training before heading out for permanent job positions. From the basic duration of eight weeks, internships have been cut down to five or six weeks.

Though there may be some drawbacks to this shortened duration and may lead to cutting short in their training as well, it is ensuring that the students do not lose their internships and are allowed to start in the same companies that they have been hired in after the lockdown is over.

Digitally conducted internships:-

Many companies like Microsoft have shifted their internships to online platforms for the time being so that the interns can start the internship on time and thus do not have to reduce their duration of the internship and miss out on learning.

This will also keep the interns engaged during their quarantine time. Internships build future careers and hence, even the companies are keeping in mind the aspirants well being and requirements.

The recent years have also seen a massive rise in websites and applications that provide online and offline internship opportunities for students, like Internshala, Frapp, hellointern, even LinkedIn and many more.

These websites bring internships to one’s homes and thus it has also made the hunt for internships much easier. Companies requiring interns upload their job profiles and requirements. Students can easily add their job preferences, resume, and other required things and then apply them according to their needs.

Canceled internships:-

Lockdown was one of the most needed steps to break the curve of coronavirus and also to stop it from spreading furthermore. But it has also resulted in the economy sloping downwards and thus even before the lockdown could be officially announced, many companies sensed what was coming and had been cancelling their summer internships.

Most in-office internships, especially the ones that hire postgraduate and MBA students are paid internships and thus it makes sense for them to cancel them if they are not able to pay their interns.

The AICTE announcement and request for the internships of technical students came three days after the lockdown, which was too late for many other recruiters.

Some colleges in Pune and other places are also reaching out to their alumni and seeking alternative options and opportunities for their current students.

Many graduates choose to start up their own company or enterprise after college and thus may need people to work for them in less payment. Interns fill these roles perfectly and thus creating a win-win situation for both the intern and the company.

Overall, these are testing times for everybody. Many businesses have completely shut down, the economy is on the edge of complete imbalance and there barriers in education and not all are privileged enough to be continuing their work and education sitting in the comfort of their homes and working online.

The World Health Organisation has said that it might take as long as till 2022 for things to completely go back to normal.

These times are testing everyone’s patience. And even if one does not get an internship this year every company, as well as institutions, are supposed to consider this loss of time and judge accordingly while hiring an aspirant.

Though quarantine without an internship doesn’t have to be a complete loss of time as of course there is an option of online internship as well as many certified courses available online that will only add more credits to one’s resume.

These are the good ways to keep one engaged in productive work till lockdown ends and further notice is given.