CUET-UG New Policies and its Impact on the People

CUET-UG New Policies and its Impact on the People

"One nation, One entrance test." Under the Societies Registration Act (1860), National Testing Agency (NTA), an independent, autonomous, and self

“One nation, One entrance test.”


Under the Societies Registration Act (1860), National Testing Agency (NTA), an independent, autonomous, and self-sustained premier testing organization, was set up to conduct efficient, transparent, and international standards test to assess candidates’ competency for admissions to premier higher education institutions.

The NTA is responsible for conducting the Central University Entrance Test (CUET) for Post Graduate (PG) programs for the Year 2022.

So, Basically, What is CUET?

CUET or Common University Entrance Test is a standard examination for providing admission to different programs of the participating Central Universities; it will provide a single window opportunity for the students to seek access to these participating Universities Institute(s) across the country. Some of the most reputed universities will now consider CUET scores as the criteria for admissions. Universities like DU, JNU, JMI, BHU, AMU, and so on will accept CUET as general admission criteria for their candidates. It was earlier known as Central Universities Common Entrance Test. 

It’s divided into three major sections :


  1. Section I – Language test 

Candidates must appear in one of the prescribed languages (13) in the syllabus. 


  1. Section II- Domain-specific

 There are 27 domain-specific subjects in this section. Out of which you must pick as required by the course of your choice.


  1. Section III – General Aptitude Test 

It includes Numerical Ability, Number-Based Reasoning, General Mental Capacity, etc.


Click Here for detailed section classification and preparation tips.


CUET has its advantages and disadvantages; they are as follows :




  • Students will have equal opportunities. Now every student can have a fair chance to perform their best in this standard entrance test and seek admission to the best possible university without the hassle of the 12th Mark being the only deciding factor.
  • CUET considers Domain subjects that allow students to pursue their field of interest with a fair opportunity, thus ending the subject bias.
  • CUET won’t keep students vague about their ranks and the eligible colleges for them. 
  • The favored cut-off system will end since there will be only one standard entrance test, and universities will take admissions based on the merit of the CUET along with some weightage of 12th marks.
  • It will serve equality to all central universities as they will have a standard exam.




  • It’s believed that the economically and socially deprived students will be left behind and not get enough chances to get into top-tier universities.
  • It’s not feasible for CUET to function in the current scenario because of underfunding and lack of resources and comprehensive evaluations.
  • Some top-tier university professors believe that the proposal to have a standard entrance test is an affront to the autonomy of universities. 


Though CUET has many benefits, they are hard to reap. Many Teachers and Universities are opposing it. Older and more prestigious universities with their own admissions processes, such as Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, are said to be the most strongly opposed.

The problem students face is the hassle of dealing with the Class 12th exam and preparing for CUET. Students who have already been preparing for exams like JEE and NEET will have an advantage over others. There is no doubt that education is expensive, and bringing in CUET Exams would require more preparation along with 12th Exams. This would boost the already growing Coaching Sector, providing an unfair disadvantage to economically weaker classes.

To help the students, many Delhi Government Schools have provided support to aspiring students at School Level only. Free Coaching Classes, Computer Based Tests (CBTs), and Online Mock Tests are being arranged to provide adequate support to help students in need.

Classes for nearly 5,000 students were arranged. It’s an essential step toward taking these students closer to their dream colleges.

Their CM has appreciated the step taken by Delhi Government Schools. There is still a long way to go. Such measures are necessary to reap the benefits of the CUET Exam and make it what it aims to do.