Scope of MBA in the Government sector

Scope of MBA in the Government sector

MBA students who are interested in the government sector can also have a great future. This article would tell you about how your MBA degree can do wo

MBA students who are interested in the government sector can also have a great future. This article would tell you about how your MBA degree can do wonders in the government sector. The government sector is also in a search of skilled MBA aspirants. Some of the positions you can bag in the government sector are listed below:

  • Personnel officer in a bank

The HR Manager is in charge of the administration of training and workforce growth programmes. The HR manager also designs various welfare schemes for workers. He/she also performs training for the selection of workers for different positions in the bank. Staff Officer in the company plays a vital role. Like every other company, HR. Public sector banks skilled officials will perform acts such as hiring employees on a business or agency basis, adequate scheduling and overseeing the selection of personnel. The Human Resources Manager/officer establishes a strategy for successful employee use within the organization recommends it and implements it.

  • Marketing officer

In a bank, an IBPS marketing officer plays a leading role. An IBPS SO Marketing Officer has one of the main responsibilities: increasing sales of the Bank to make it competitive, maintaining the brand value and identity with prospective clients, advertisement and social media. An IBPS Marketing Officer is expected to organize and implement different marketing policies and plans to increase sales and productivity with all other banking departments. In marketing and data analysis tools he/she is expected to be well versed. The role of a marketing officer in a bank and its duties in every private sector company are identical to those of a marketing officer. Likewise, IBPS Marketing Officers are targeting in private sector companies and their success is periodically reviewed.

  • Program officer

The Program Manager is a member of a foundation or NGO. Program officers are responsible for supervising program development, pursuing funding and proposals, overseeing programs and supervising budgets. We ensure that the activities and services of an organization are in line with the goals and tasks of that institution or non-profit organization. A Program Manager is primarily responsible for supervising the creation of programs of an organization. It covers workforce development, project management, implementation and day-to-day operational management.

  • Management trainee in PSUs

Gain information and experience needed by undertaking the following roles to support management positions under the leadership of experienced staff.
Job Functions
1.Train and work in various departments including accounting, customer services, distribution, purchases, healthcare technology solutions and IT.

2.Learn line and personnel roles, operations, management viewpoints and organizational policies and practices impacting any business process.

3.Sets high-level management performance targets and priorities.

4.Monitors management and key trainers ‘ improvement in results.

5.Experienced staff observes and understand the processes, procedures and practices appropriate for the fulfilment of departmental duties.

6.Train in functions and duties of relevant departments to make it easier for departments to eventually transfer to.