Management in liberal studies

Management in liberal studies

To do management in liberal studies lets first understand what exactly liberal studies are? A large exploration into social sciences, natural s

  • To do management in liberal studies lets first understand what exactly liberal studies are?

A large exploration into social sciences, natural sciences, humanities and arts is included in liberal studies also known as liberal arts. Liberal studies and liberal arts are mostly used as synonyms. At first, the definition to a student was “freedom” to study whatever topics he or she wanted and to progress as quickly as possible for his or her learning during the early years of university education. Over the years, however, the definition of liberal studies has shifted and improved. Curriculum with a clear fundamental emphasis on general topics such as humanities, social sciences, fine arts and in some cases hard sciences such as physics, life sciences or biology are included.

  • Why liberal studies are an important aspect for managers?

To expand the horizons of employers they need the quality of leaders who are great in communication, manage people sated with emotions, passions and goals. MBA aspirants should know how to tackle complex problems that require critical and creative thinking. Management’s Humanities and Liberal Arts are devoted to the study of human behaviour and its relevance to management. This covers the political aspects such as history, culture and ethics as well. Humanities & Liberal Arts would further fuel the student’s imagination. Unlike natural sciences, empirical approaches, humanities & liberal arts primarily employ methods to address the issues of human behaviour and conditions that are primarily analytical, critical, and speculative.

  • Management in liberal studies in India?

Students residing in India can also pursue management in liberal studies. Initially, the course was available only in foreign countries but now one can pursue MBA in liberal studies in India. Recently the course “MBA in Liberal Studies “was launched by a top B-school. Officially the course will begin in the June 2020 and will be concentrated on the liberal arts sectors including philosophy, literature, economics and sociology. The course period would be for two years. Initially, almost 25 students are expected to obtain the kit, and the course curriculum has been devised. The course seeks to develop a talent pipeline for the future. It focuses on the combination of technical and administrative issues with critical thinking — the breaking away of complex data and on topics such as philosophy and sociology. This course aims to groom students where utilization of academic knowledge is applied to the industry. Although MBA entries, such as the Common Admission Test (CAT) or the GMAT, are obligatory, they must be registered in the MBA program. The humanities & liberal arts in management are dedicated to studying human behaviour and relevance to Business Management. The selection criteria are different from other MBA programmes.

  • Government’s role

To recognize liberal studies through education levels the Indian government is enhancing efforts. It plans to set up public universities for liberal arts, equivalent to the prestigious IITs and IIMs in the world. IITs may also include the curriculum in liberal arts eg. IIM Kozhikode