21st Century MBA: The risks and chaos no one tells you (and how to avoid them!)

21st Century MBA: The risks and chaos no one tells you (and how to avoid them!)

MBA is a prestigious golden ticket that gifts your success. Completing an MBA in today’s market ensures you’ll never have to struggle for a job in

MBA is a prestigious golden ticket that gifts your success.

Completing an MBA in today’s market ensures you’ll never have to struggle for a job in life.

Do you believe in these?

Let us bust these myths for you!

The imposed value of MBA education in India is that the degree is considered to be the key to a great career.

Whereas, the reality could come as a shock to many. The latest data says, out of approximately 3 lakh students graduating with an MBA every year, 65% don’t even get jobs!

What’s going wrong?

Are B-schools not preparing their students to be industry-ready?
Have the employers changed their requirements?

Let’s explore…

What the employers generally expect from an MBA in the 21st century, where the gap in demand and supply is, and how can YOU avoid these mistakes. Stick with us.

Worldwide Expectation vs Delivery Mismatch:

The sad fact is, most B-schools function more on assumption than reality.

It takes effort to find out what the recruiters want from their employees. Many schools don’t. This IS where the gap lies!

Expecting the 20th-century curricula to work today in the 21st-century business is like expecting people to book a trunk call in the times of touch phones.

We have evolved. The B-schools need to evolve too!.

With times moving very fast and technology taking over many of the simpler, machine tasks, employers look for more than a mere degree. The Importance of an MBA degree has changed its perspective from their point of view.

They want someone with the…

Ability to think
Competent to strategize
Capable of teamwork
And they want much more!

How do we give them? And bridge this massive, glaring gap?

We’ve put together a simple list that will answer your questions.

The MBA Employers’ Bucket List!

21st century MBA

Here are the top 5 skills businesses of the 21st Century are looking for while hiring (and not finding good enough)…

1. Ability to Work in a Team

Most companies assume that an MBA graduate comes with this skill. You will be shocked to know this is not fully true!

The reason?

B-schools don’t pay enough attention to the internships they provide and the performance of the students.

MBA employers believe that soft skills are generally harder to teach and acquire. Hard skills will overtime be replaced by technology and machines.

2. Ability to Work with a Wide Variety of People

One of the most valued expertise and the hardest to find (sadly).

In any company, there are people from all backgrounds, income groups, religions, races, etc. Each of them bringing respective opinions, perspectives, and belief systems.

Employees who can work with all types of people are the most sought after.

3. Ability to Solve Complex Problems

Being able to think fast, smart, and critically are the vital skills expected of any business graduate.

Complex problems are unavoidable. As a student of business, one should be able to quickly come up with a solution.

Apart from that, it is equally important to look back and analyze your decision critically.

There are times when you can’t go back on your decision so it has to be well thought out.

4. Ability to Network

Although this sounds very similar to the first two skills, it isn’t.

The ability to work with people is one thing. But being able to make new connections, find opportunities is quite another.

A strong network will always set a candidate apart.

It reflects integrity and the ability to find solutions. A business school generally offers you the opportunity to network with people from across the world. How you utilize this is up to you!

5. Time Management

Good time management means effective work.

The beauty of this skill is its simplicity. It can lead a student to professional success sooner than others.

However, it is a knack that could be developed consciously.

An MBA student is forced to manage time well during the course in order to achieve results. Those who do, can see the difference in employability.

It’s easy to name the top 5.

But what are the bottom skills that MBA employers don’t care for because they find a dime a dozen?

Here they are:

4 Don’t Care Skills: Employers Perspective!

Employers Perspective

1. Ability to use Social Media for Business

Every second person is a social media influencer today. Being able to cite this as a skill is not unique at all!

2. Accounting

Most schools, colleges, and universities teach accounting right at the beginning of the course. Another skill that is very easily available.

3. Programming

Specialising in one technical skill might help you get that job interview you wanted. Not the job itself! With machines and AI replacing such requirements slowly, the focus of the employers has shifted to a more holistic approach.

4. Environmental Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

Don’t get us wrong here! This is an important skill but not for MBA employers. It is good to understand sustainability but isn’t enough to get you your dream job!

Mix Match Your Skills!

MBA employers focus on the type of person you are, not your degree.

Your MBA degree is an added bonus.

If your personality does not match expectations, it can be VERY hard to find a job. Even with a degree from the best university.

You have to put in additional effort. Any BIG Dream will need BIG Effort.

The way to go about is to…

  • Focus on growing your skillset
  • Develop your personality
  • Interact with people
  • Work in an individual environment and in a team
  • Take ownership and solve problems
  • Remain ever flexible to adapt to the fast-changing world

Rest assured. If you can manage to develop these, they will set you apart. Definitely!

Only then your MBA can fetch you the right opportunities.

What’s your call? How do you plan to develop these and get in shape?

Share your views in the comments below. For any help too, reach out to us.