The success story of Sundar Pichai – Life Lessons to learn from Boss Man!

The success story of Sundar Pichai – Life Lessons to learn from Boss Man!

Not one day passes in today’s time without using the phrase ‘Google it’. That is the power of the search engine giant, Google. A name that most of

Not one day passes in today’s time without using the phrase ‘Google it’. That is the power of the search engine giant, Google.

A name that most of us have heard, Sundar Pichai is the brain behind some of the biggest technological changes at Google. Apps that we use on a daily basis, to get from point A to B, to email and to search for every single thing, have been developed and advanced by this powerful Indian man.

Pichai has proved time and again that where you come from does not define where you can go, your inner drive does. For all those who have ideas that can change the world, Pichai is an inspiration and a living example of how to dream big and then achieve those dreams.

But like many of us, Sundar didn’t have the smoothest start. His path has had many ups and downs, teaching us lessons that must be learnt and remembered by every working professional across the world.

Let’s deep dive into Sundar Pichai’s life journey – and pick out pearls of wisdom that can change your life forever.

Who is Sundar Pichai?

Sundar Pichai is a computer scientist who was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu in a middle-class family. He grew up in an unassuming house with basic amenities, slept on the floor and was starry-eyed when they bought their first refrigerator. His first encounter with technology was at 12 when his family got a telephone. Today, the man earns $281 million dollars annually.

Known for his intellect from a young age, Pichai has carved out a prosperous path for himself as he gnawed his way up the professional ladder. He studied from IIT Kharagpur and then Stanford University in America, both with the help of his father’s meagre income and student scholarships. His commitment to making something of his life, despite all the hardships he faced is an inspiration to people the world over.

He changed the way the world functioned when he launched Google Chrome in 2008, the first-ever search browser made by Google. This was one of the highest points in his career that placed him on the global map. Till date, Chrome stands at number one much ahead of Internet Explorer and Firefox.

He has led many campaigns, launches and acquisitions at Google showcasing strong leadership and great temperament. His colleagues have shared that he is a team player who believes in lifting others up in everything they do.

He was appointed the CEO of Google Inc in 2015. In 2019, he was also appointed CEO of the parent company Alphabet Inc.

Throughout his professional journey from 2002, Pichai has exuded certain qualities that we believe make him stand apart from others and are key ingredients of his success. What are they? Let’s find out!



Bill Gates had said – If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake but if you die poor, it is your mistake. Pichai’s journey is proof of this – he did not let his background determine his future. He constantly encourages people to dream big, break boundaries and follow their passion.


There is no point dreaming if there’s no work going into actualizing those dreams. Sundar has said time and again that success doesn’t come to those who wait but to those who put efforts into making it happen.


Herd mentality makes you a part of the herd. Be unique, think differently and don’t let the world put you into a box. Pichai created a whole new world altogether and is now at the pinnacle of success in his career.


Google catapulted to newer heights, explored newer pastures and has generated more income than ever before under Pichai’s leadership. The only way to achieve this is fearlessness and the confidence to take risks. He did not follow the existing path rather made a new trail.


From a young age, we are made to believe that failure is bad. Sundar contradicts this and says ‘Wear your failure as a badge of honour and start again’. Quitting will not help you attain your goals; persistence and perseverance will.


Look out for those around you, for your team and for your family. Pichai has always focussed on growing together rather than being greedy for success alone. He believes that when you let others achieve success, there is nothing that can stop you.


Office politics is everywhere but choosing to be part of it or not, is your prerogative. Pichai has been known for his humility and diplomacy. In a career spanning over decades, he has never engaged in office drama or politics. His honesty and integrity have made him trustworthy and approachable.


Working with people smarter than yourself, more talented or more experienced can be daunting but using these insecurities to grow and develop your personality will take you very far in life. Make these situations an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone.


While it is important to enjoy the success of today, Pichai’s approach to his work is to think ahead and find the next best thing. Innovative thinking should be a conscious decision every day to work towards a bigger, better future.


Learning should never stop and Pichai is a living example of that. Despite leading thousands of people, he does not stop learning or practising his skills. When you keep at it, you find newer solutions and it helps you to reinvent yourself.

Sundar Pichai’s achievements and approach to life is proof that there’s no one limiting you, except yourself. Allow yourself to grow, to overcome and to achieve all that is waiting out there.

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