Fashion as an education

Fashion as an education

According to the change in trends and tastes of the people, fashion changes rapidly. In terms of education, there are varieties of options available t

According to the change in trends and tastes of the people, fashion changes rapidly. In terms of education, there are varieties of options available to the aspirants, but fashion is one of the most interesting and at the same time a challenging career option in today’s world. In a country like India, where garment and the textile industries have been blooming for ages, the recent rising of the fashion designing and textile industry has resulted in innovation and new prospects in the already existing accessory and garment designing. Someone who inclines creativity, style and originality, someone who has the knack of doing experiments and is very much innovative can take up fashion designing as a career option.

The fashion industry satisfies the creative desires and the materialistic wants of the people, and at the same time, it also promises glamour, fame, success and highly paid packages from the Industry.

There’s no doubt that it’s a challenging career because the fashion designers need to combine their imaginative skills with the administrative skills to sustain in the industry for a long run, the competition is tough in this industry as there are many good and renowned fashion designers who are up for any challenges and ready to cut the throat of the opposition with their creative skills. One needs to create magic with lots of imaginative designs, unique trendy shapes and sizes to get hold of the necessary skills required to begin a successful career in this field.

The students who enter this industry have a variety of career opportunities, as a qualified fashion designer can work as a designer wear production, fashion marketing, design production management, fashion media, fashion stylist, fashion accessory design, quality control, planning and concept management and promotion of brands. Other capable students can find jobs as fashion consultant, costume designer, graphic designer, technical designer, personal stylist, fashion coordinator, production pattern maker, fabric quality control manager, fabric buyer, apparel production manager, showroom sales representative, illustrator, cutting assistant, fashion journalist, fashion photographer and public relations executive in this industry.

Students who want to be entrepreneurs by opening their own company by establishing their own business and goodwill can do so by taking up fashion designing courses as it provides self-employment to all those who aspire of becoming entrepreneurs.

Proposals for long term associations are offered by several export houses, textile mills, garment stores, boutiques, leather companies, jewellery houses, fashion show organizers and media houses to these entrepreneurs.

While choosing their specialization offered in various areas of fashion designing, the students need to classify their area of interest and see whether it matches their aptitude or not they need to match it with their aptitude to have a better view while selecting the specialization. A single-minded approach is required for students while selecting a particular course as being a very wide field it is sometimes harder for students to stay focused. So the students must be very sure and specific about their selection of the course in this field.