Importance of internships for law students

Importance of internships for law students

Below are a few points which indicate why every law student must do an internship in his or her law career. 1) Leaning to implement the knowledge y

Below are a few points which indicate why every law student must do an internship in his or her law career.

1) Leaning to implement the knowledge you gained in law college.

The academic curriculum for law students contains a structure which goes through various article, sections, jargons, statutes, provisos and case laws of a country’s constitution. The curriculum demands students to understand the authoritative principles, analyse the burning judgements and to uphold the set conventions. However, just simply refraining this knowledge to exams will not allow perceiving a better understanding. Thus, it is required that students know how to implement the knowledge they gained into the corporate world or the world of litigation. Internships allow you to be acquainted with practical procedures and think beyond.

2) Exposure 

For students, exposure is must; it teaches you techniques other than writing exams to score grades. Exposure or interaction to a various situation or people or work can develop your perspective and ideology of doing things. Exposure through an internship can make you a better observer to perceive work culture uniquely.

3) Networking

Internships take you away from your daily boring schedule and expose you to a new place, people or situation. Internships allow you to interact and introduce you to people of your age having the same field of interest or authoritative people in the law field with respect to knowledge and experience. Your co-interns can bring new ideas to the table of discussion as each one holds different cultures, regions or backgrounds. It can possibly broaden your perspective and push you to think beyond over a topic. In any internship, it is required that you learn from your mentors rather than impressing them. A healthy relationship with your mentor can be beneficial for you in many ways, like career advice or recommendations.

4) Learning new skills

An internship can teach you various skills like teamwork, time-management, maintaining a controlled environment with your co-interns, and patience. For law students, some specific important things like logical acumen, articulated writing style and speaking skill can be well developed by interning. In law school, there are chances when some laws, rules and regulations have become outdated, but an internship can clarify to bring you in contact with future expectations or demands.

5) Continuously experimenting and finding out what is best for you

The internship is a good opportunity to explore and discover various career opportunities. It can act as a mirror and can give you real experience, base on which you can choose your law career pathways or job role you wish to the opt-in law profession.

6) An internship can build your CV

For companies to hire you for law job roles, they expect the interested student to have proper knowledge of the law. Does your academic curriculum books make you a genius? No, but the practical application can make you “well aware” and a complete genius.

7) Internships can help you explore yourself

During the period of internship, you get to explore your brain efficiency and patience. A law student shall keep on brainstorming and aim for clarity on whatever they are witnessing. However, you can only improve yourself when you know what mistakes you are making or where you stand among others. The experience which a student gains from an internship is valuable in growing a career in law.