Creative marketing Vs MBA marketing

Creative marketing Vs MBA marketing

Marketing demands you to create a culture of your brand. It emphasises largely on building an iconic brand which very well sets you out uniquely in th

Marketing demands you to create a culture of your brand. It emphasises largely on building an iconic brand which very well sets you out uniquely in the market. Your product is different, unique , raising high level of demand and new challenges for your competent.

Does an MBA degree provide you clear idea of MARKETING? Is it enough?

MBA ( Master’s in Business Administration) “the paradise”, holding capabilities to provide high salaries, global exposure, constant networking and promises unremarkable ROI (Return on Investment).

Intention behind specialization in marketing during the course of MBA?

The programme itself is dominated by finance management, income analysis, quantitative research on brand market, various studies on ROI. The MBA program holds objective to improvise, strengthen, select and advance those skills which are strongly, numerically and logically driven. The degree silently builds a biased mathematical tuned process of thinking and analysing with zero or minimum exposure, rather than learning social and cultural aspects which indeed forms the base of a brand. The fact that this degree provides no encounter with cultural industries, somehow results into generating a back room operators who eventually lack in abilities to do “brand miracles” from a cultural perspective.

The marketing today, demands to understand the term “brands” as social entity. It can grow into a social institution and holds a deep root into cultural and social environment. Brands does not just depict social mood, it has ability to create a culture. We need such cultural perspective, as people to accept and participate into our created cultural paradise. An MBA marketer shall be well paid but their style, perspective, understanding would be far away from the reality of “mass culture”. As a product selling company you would need to engage all social communities, earn their trust to build a relationship.

However, it the responsibility of a brand manager to have a holistic view of social and cultural institution. Thus, demanding a deliberate understanding of “mass culture” and its masses . It is completely impossible for spreadsheets, data driven dashboards or pop psychology to cope up with the inputs from a well learned cultural enthusiast.

Case studies at MBA program involve unrealistic approach to derive a solution. It projects frame, data table however, to some extend few insights can only help you to bear assets from your brand not symbolic presence of society.

A proper cultural and social understanding or a perspective can build a brand, represent a society which can bring profit , high ROI , thrive you among others but does an MBA degree teaches you that? Can MBA degree stop you from seeing real people as your unappreciated “target”?