Career after B.Tech Degree

Career after B.Tech Degree

The tension starts to rise as we get closer to the final year of the degree. Question begin to occupy our mind on future plans after completion of und

The tension starts to rise as we get closer to the final year of the degree. Question begin to occupy our mind on future plans after completion of undergraduate degree. Our friends seem ahead of us; placements letter starts creating a buzz on the campus. All you need in such a situation is to grasp on exploring opportunities and spend some time preparing yourself for the best. The preparation may seem like learning new skills, coming out of your comfort zone, working hard to have a clear perspective of future plans which can build a successful career.

Below are popular options which one can explore after completing Bachelors in technology:

1) working: getting a job after graduation

Most of the students sit for campus placements rounds in third year or fourth year of their undergraduate degree course to opt for a job after final completion of engineering. However, it is considered less troublesome if a student gets placed on campus. As it reduces difficulties or struggles to find a job on our own once you get out of college. Also, seeing your friends getting placed can reduce your confidence and make you impatient. We advise you to try your best in the last two final years of your engineering and be patient to get placed on campus.

2) pursuing post-graduation.

If you are not satisfied with the job in your hand or wish to study further. The option that is available for students who academically never settle is pursuing a post-graduate degree. For engineering students option available to choose from:-

  • MTech/MScan surely increase your chances of getting a better satisfying job and promises to yield long term benefits. MTech admission can be obtained after giving entrance exams like Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE). Students who want to do MS can explore foreign universities options after clearing TOEFL/IELTS (English proficiency tests) and GRE to get scholarships.
  • Master’s in business administration(MBA)

MBA after undergraduate is beneficial in term of incrementing your salary, its best to be pursued when you get bore of technical skills and generate interest in management work. The MBA can be pursued in India or outside India by giving entrance exams like Common Admission Test (CAT) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

3) Civil services

Graduates who wish to be an IAS officer and dreams of holding responsibilities which contribute to our Nation. Indian Civil Services entrance exams are held by the UPSC. Civil service jobs are prestigious, and millions of students in India wish for them.

4) Entrepreneurship

Many engineering colleges, funds and supports start-up clubs of students who have a unique business idea. It can help you learn but involves many challenges which could be worth, after some years of hard work. Investing is a good option to be considered working.

Now you know there are a lot of career options available after engineering. All you need is to discover which one will work best for you and keep exploring.