Popular Job Roles For Future Designers

Popular Job Roles For Future Designers

Looking for Job roles that value your creativity, boost your vision to master the art form you mean to demonstrate. Can the art you produce be embrace

Looking for Job roles that value your creativity, boost your vision to master the art form you mean to demonstrate. Can the art you produce be embraced by others? Does creativity gets labelled as a particular job position, or can it be exercised on full time basis? Do you wish to make your passion as your career? 

Below is the list of most popular job roles for artists in India who always think out of the box and adds meaning to things by making them visually appealing:

1) Graphic designer

Graphic designers are communicators of inspiring and captivating ideas. They communicate and inform such ideas by creating or building a visual concept from its core. The graphic designers are expected to use computer software like Adobe Creative Suite or by hand ( typesetting and packaging design)

The skills of typesetting and packaging design are required to develop the overall layout and major production designs for marketing applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, and reports.

Graphic designing involves the art of merging technical skill with artistic ability to create a design that communicates with its desired audience. Thus, making this profession in demand by big marketing collateral giants.

2) Fashion designer

The designers who are master of fashion, they communicate a lot by texture, colour and cuts of a single piece of cloth. The production of new clothing and accessories are done from scratch; it stats with a sketch on a paper then consciously constructed into a complete dress by adding signifying elements like colours, materials and textures, which are determined by a fashion designer. The skills that fashion designers are expected to learn is studying fashion and sales, product design and development, photoshop, and keeping up with the trends or creating new trends.

3) Interior designer

Interior designer can add aesthetic appeal into structures which contributes to constructing a feeling called as home. They work with interior spaces to improve the safety and functionality, planning the architects and adding aesthetic appeal to the area. They select colour schemes, furniture, flooring, lighting and all other elements of a room or building. The skills Interior designers are expected to learn involves designing software like Computer Aided Drafting or Design Software, sales and customer services.

4) UX designer or user experience designer

The job role of a UX designer involves making websites, mobile applications, software or video games such that they are easy to navigate and more user interactive in nature. They study and evaluate how users feel about a particular system and design their product to increase user interaction according to the demands of the user. They also analyse the specific components of the system such as usefulness, value, credibility and accessibility. The skills that a UX designer is expected to know is Web programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Prototyping, UX Wire frames and user interface or user interactions.

5) photographer

Photography does not mean capturing anything with a camera in your hand. It requires creativity, composition skills to capture a picture which tells a story and worth a thousand words. A photo has to be designed in your mind then has to be captured. Every element needs to follow an order to communicate with your audiences. Jobs for photography depends on the interest of a photographer like wildlife, wedding, silhouette, commercial etc.