Looking for government Law Jobs?

Looking for government Law Jobs?

Government employment is much more desirable than private jobs. In addition to the social perspective, there is a very large number of staff employed

Government employment is much more desirable than private jobs. In addition to the social perspective, there is a very large number of staff employed in government sector jobs, even from an economic point of view. The benefits one can get from government jobs are job security, less work stress, fixed promotion, fixed working hours, paid holiday, healthcare facilities etc.

A law aspirant can also look for government jobs. Some of them are listed below:

1. Assistant Public Prosecutor (Public Service Commission)

A person must have a law degree with knowledge of the law to be a public prosecutor. A State Attorney is an important part of the legal/judicial process of the State serving as in-charge for the prosecution, appeal and other legal procedures. The role of a lawyer is to contribute to the court work by bringing into contact with the case of all the necessary aspects. To order to bring justice, he deals with different aspects. The work of the Public Prosecutor starts as soon as the investigation for justice begins.

2. Project Manager (NBCC India private limited)

Blue-chip government of India Navratna company and a central public sector company that trades publicly in the market is the NBCC (India) Limited (formerly National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited). The Company’s current business areas are divided into three main divisions, i.e. I Project Management Consultancy (PMC), including government property refurbishment, (ii) Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC).

3. Legal Assistant (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation)

In the area of mass urban transport in India, Delhi Metro was instrumental in leading a new era. For the first time in India, the swanking and modern metro system introduced convenient, air-conditioning and environmentally friendly services and revolutionized the mass transportation scenario not just in the National Capital Region. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Ltd, an equity-equitable joint venture company of the Government. The Govt and India. The task of implementing the Rail-based Mass Rapid transit network for Delhi-NCR was transferred to the Delhi National Capital Territory.

4. Law Officer (AIIMS Bhopal)

All legal affairs within their organization are monitored by legal advisers. They handle internal as well as external legal problems and have a task to do all they can to avoid legal problems in their organization. Legal officers carry out several important tasks to ensure that the best possible legal action is taken for his organization. To identify these core duties and duties of legal officers such as provide legal advice, process documents, perform research, identify risks, direct staff.

5. Supreme Court of India (Law Clerk)

Law clerk helps lawyers collect and organize legal document information, research law, and assembly of case materials, report writing and memorandum. Prepares legal drafts, including complaints, declarations, finding requests, answers and others, through assembling and organizing of information for legal forms and documents.

Study the law, laws, constitutions, rules, judicial decisions, including precedents and logic, as well as developments in standard print texts and computers; drafting a legal procedure.