Education Sector and Union Budget 2020

Education Sector and Union Budget 2020

With the disclosure of the union budget 2020-21 on February 1, some reforms were unveiled that aim at the betterment of the economic status and the fi

With the disclosure of the union budget 2020-21 on February 1, some reforms were unveiled that aim at the betterment of the economic status and the financial situation of the nation through a series of short-term, mid term and long term measures.

Such a huge step in the union will obviously affect the education system either positively or negatively. The education system is a part of the sectors of the union budget. It is also one of the most prominent sectors for which allotments are made in the budget. The decisions taken in concerned with the education system are relevant to the students as they are the citizens directly affected by it.

Nirmala Sitharaman, the finance minister of the country, presented the budget before the union which was a record making presentation as the longest speech delivered by a Finance Minister. In this presentation, she addressed the educational sector, one of the most prominent sectors, under the Education and skills Front.

The finance minister announced that an outlay of 99,300 crore rupees be given to the education sector in order to develop the education and take the field of learning to the next level. Similarly, the Skills sector has been deemed to be a recipient of 3,000 crore rupees for its development.

Having received over 2 lakh suggestions on it, the center will be announcing a new education policy. This has been declared by Smt. Sitharaman herself. It has also been mentioned that there will be adequate steps taken in order to attain and attract external commercial borrowing and FDI in the education system.

Plans have been made to involve urban local bodies to engage engineering students internship programs. This has been done as a step to provide and polish the practical learning techniques to the students of Engineering.

The top 100 educational universities would be launching full fledged degree level courses and online education programs. Along with this, the National Police University and the national Forensic Science University are being proposed. These are under the domain of policing science, forensic science, cyber forensics, etc.

There has been a proposal of the project called “Study In India”. Under this an Ind-SAT examination program would be conducted in African and Asian countries. This may increase a demand of Indian educational curriculum on the global level.

She explained on the PPP model that the district hospitals are to be attached with the medical colleges in order to overcome the shortage of doctors.

In order maximize efficient learning, certain programs for the teaching professionals will also take place. This includes the designing of special bridge courses for teachers, nurses, paramedical staff, caregivers, etc. These would be developed by the Ministry of Health and Skill Development.

The budget has also proposed starting apprenticeship embedded courses by March 2021. This courses would take place through 150 higher educational systems. There has also been a proposal to establish the Indian Institute of Heritage and Conservation.

Now proposed before the union by the finance minister of the nation Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, this budget would be officially put into motion once sanctioned. The implementation of the proposals made in the presentation of the budget are predicted to have drastic as well as huge impacts on the education system. In the following year the educational sector is set to to witness huge shift in the conventional methods of teaching and learning.