12 Most Common Interview Questions and Answers | Eduaspirant

12 Most Common Interview Questions and Answers | Eduaspirant

During an interview process, a candidate is being asked many questions. But it has been seen that in most of the interviews, some questions are there

During an interview process, a candidate is being asked many questions. But it has been seen that in most of the interviews, some questions are there which are common for all. And obviously, these questions may seem easy, but they are actually tricky, and candidates need to think before they answer these questions.

Here we are with some of them,

“Tell me about yourself?”


The question which is asked at the beginning of an interview and almost every interview starts with this question. The answer to this question carries your first impression. So, don’t give a long answer or too short an answer. And remember, be clear while answering this question so that your confidence can be seen.

For this, we can use some technique which is, don’t tell much about your history as the interviewer already has your CV. Tell him who you are? What is the educational background? How did you end up applying for the job and getting in the interview?

“Why did you choose this company?”

This question may seem easy but it actually is a tricky question. Through this question, the hiring manager not only wants to know the reason why you want to work for the company but also how well you know about the company. So, whenever you are going to attend an interview, read all the information about the company very well and then answer why you want to work for the company.

“How did you come to know about this job?”

This is a question where many students make mistakes. Even if you got the information about this job just from a website or newspaper, don’t just say that. With that, it is now an excellent opportunity to show them that you love the company, their work culture, and what they are up to. And then say that you were waiting eagerly to work with the company and when you got the information about recruitment, you applied for it. And if you have a connection in the company, then this is the best time to mention that.

“Tell me something about your resume?”

It can be some achievement, skill or older job position. So, just start describing that. And remember you don’t need to talk about your recent job position as you will be asked about that later.

“Why should we hire you?”

This is the type of question by which the interviewer wants to know about your skill that will be appropriate for the job. So, be specific while answering this question and summarize your achievements, skills, or work experience and use some data if possible. The more specific you will be about your skills or achievements the better the interviewer will imagine you as his team.

“Where do you see yourself in five years from now?”

This is an essential question during an interview. Remember that you are in an interview, so you don’t need to talk about your personal life goals and instead you just need to say the career goals you are having in your mind. Be sure that you know well about your position and who will be above you. This question is generally asked the candidate to see if the candidate is ambitious about his/her growth in the company and if he/she has set some realistic goals. If you aren’t sure about the future, then you can try saying, you are not sure what the future will be, but you are sure that working with this company will show you the right direction.

“Tell me about a problem you have faced and how you solved it?”

This is a question asked to check your conflict management skill. So, be prepared to answer this question and prepare an example too to avoid the awkward moment of silence. If you have a specific example in your mind, then start describing the situation and how you handled it. And make sure to end the description with a happy note.

“What is your expectation from all the team members?”

This question is asked to see how you will work in a team and if you are able to work in a team or not. Make sure to convince the interviewer that you are a good valuable team member.

“What do you expect from your manager?”

Again, also, this question is asked to see if you will be the right fit for the company or not. In some cases, the manager asks this question while answering the question. Be honest and tell your expectations from your future manager like supporting, motivating, etc.

“How do you handle stress?”

This question is asked to see your stress management skill, and if you have any weakness. While answering this question, be sure to show that you positively handle your stress, and it does not affect your work or your goals.

“What is your salary expectation?”

You should be prepared in advance to answer the question. For experienced candidates they can say their previous salary and that they expect some more than that. And in case of freshers, they can ask what was the salary they were providing to the previous candidate in that position and then you can tell what your expectation is.

“Do you have any question?”

The last question an interviewer asks his interviewee. Don’t say that you don’t have any question. Prepare a list of at least 2 to 3 questions and ask them. This leaves a positive impact on the mind of the interviewer.

These are obviously not the only questions you will be asked during an interview, but most of the interviews have many of the above questions. So, whenever you are going to attend an interview, make sure to prepare all these questions, and you will obviously have an edge over others.